13 January 2016

Instagram to Stalk: Adrianna Kinal -- Fashion Artist //Jewelry Designer

"Winter Solace"

I'm not even sure how I was put on to the vibrant Instagram page of fashion artist Adrianna Kinal... But I'm pretty sure I came across it on a day when my timeline was filled with too many memes and a bunch of other crap, so finding her was a much needed treat! Adrianna is a Polish/Canadian fashion artist working out of of Los Angeles and she has a gift for creating the most amazing and whimsical fashion illustrations (featuring femme fatales) that I've seen in quite some time. Not to mention, she's also got a kick ass jewelry line under the name AAKinal. With almost 10,000 followers under her belt, the talented beauty is not at all flying under the radar (those who know--know!), but I'm definitely predicting her popularity will become even more popular as the year progresses because her work is just that freakin' good. Check out some of my fave's from her Instagram page below and be sure to follow stalk her ASAP.

"Scarab Girl"

"McQueen Twins"

"Balenciaga Squad"

"Ring Bling Babe"

"Phillip Lim Spring Summer 2015"

"Le Smoking Jacket Gang (Saint Laurent)"

"Bohemian China Doll"

"The Femme Fatales"

The gorgeous Adrianna Kinal wearing a Helmut Lang coat, 
Equipment blouse, J Brand jeans, and Via Spiga boots

Claptone's "Immortal Live" Show Coming to Coachella 2016 (video)

When the Coachella lineup dropped last week I was a lil disappointed to see Claptone's name in hella small print on the Sunday lineup--with Calvin Harris' name leading the bill. Like WTF? Let's face it; Claptone had a tremendous year with the release of his first official studio album--the incredible Charmer, and a stellar world wide tour that is still on the go to this day, you'd think he'd get way more love than that. Well, now he is! Coachella released an updated version of the lineup and lo and behold, Claptone is now headlining the final day, with it reading "Claptone Immortal Live." 

Broken down into three parts, "Immortal Live" consists of The Past, The Present, and The Future -- with each set containing some of the sickest visual language ever projected. The whole thing is a partnership between Clap and creative director Peter Martin who was the man responsible for Janelle Monae and MIA's groundbreaking holographic duet back in 2014. 

I will not be at Coachella this year (or probably any year for that matter) but will be seeing Claptone live next month in DC (yeeeaaahhhhhh!!!). However, after peeping his "Immortal Live" video on Youtube (see below) I have a dreaded suspicion that I will seriously be missing out on the festival this year--strictly because of the set he will present. 

Some Wednesday Feel Good Music: RÜFÜS DU SOL - "Say A Prayer For Me"

A blissful new jam by the dope Aussie trio known as RÜFÜS DU SOL. These guys have been dropping some of the best feel-good electronic music for some years now, so it goes without saying that their new album, Bloom (coming to us January 22nd) is beyond highly anticipated. Obviously summertime is in full effect Down Under right now, but for those who are freezing their asses off in the States right now (self included), the fiery "Say A Prayer For Me" is a nice antidote for a temporary warm up! 

12 January 2016

Mona Lazette - "Pressure Pressure"

I've been in dire need of an artist like Mona Lazette. Fabulous name aside, she is one of not nearly enough black woman (quietly) killing it in house music right now. Mona roll's with the Gomma Records crew, so already she's vouched for. The London raised, Berlin living vocalist has lowkey been on the scene for quite a while now appearing on tracks by Kele (Bloc Party), Catz 'n Dogz, Munk and Argy--but this is her first stint as a solo artist and I welcome her with open arms! 

11 January 2016

video: David Bowie - "Fashion"

"I think glam rock is a lovely way to categorize me 
and it's even nicer to be one of the leaders of it" - David Bowie. 

When I think of glam rock, I think of David Bowie first. His flamboyant hair, makeup and clothes set off a trend that is emulated in fashion to this day (Saint Laurent anyone?). Nobody could glam rock-it like David Bowie OR Ziggy Stardust. He was THE trailblazer in both style and music. 

"Fashion," one of my favorite Bowie songs came out in 1980--right on time for the new-wave rush. Although Bowie's style at that time wasn't as "glammy" as his 70's looks, in the video for "Fashion" he still kills it with those oversized pants and the unbuttoned button-up! From his simplest looks to his most avant garde ones, Bowie's style was the epitome of "fresh to death" and there will never be another one like him again. RIP to a great musician and style icon. 

“Fashion! Turn to the left. Fashion! Turn to the right. Ooooh, fashion! We are the goon squad and we’re coming to town.”

21 December 2015

In Case You Missed It: The Fugees - "Ready Or Not" (Lucas Chambon Remix)

Considering how good it is, this gem of a remix (released over two years ago) slipped through so many cracks for some odd reason... Smoothly created by French producer Lucas Chambon, this song is a perfect addition to your Holiday playlists if you're trying to get things started on a lovely vibe.  

17 December 2015

Closed Paradise - "The Vision"

Very few words are need on the latest masterpiece from Closed Paradise. "The Vision" is the B-Side of CP's The Masters Series Vol.1 which will be dropping soon on 10" -- for all my vinyl heads out there. It's a little bit of disco mixed with a little bit of jazz, mixed with a whole lot of fucking hotness. PUT IT ON REPEAT! 

16 December 2015

video: Bibi Bourelly - "Ego"

The lyrics of "Ego" are so hard and raw that it was easy for me to fall for the voice and person behind them--a girl named Bibi Bourelly, who also just so happened to penn the lyrics to Rihanna's "Bitch Better Have My Money" (need I say more?). The Haitian songstress is only 21 years old and reps Berlin, L.A., and D.C as her home turfs (another plus mark for me). She just recently released some visuals for her song "Ego," a "clapback" track to all those haters who ain't feelin' her (spoiler alert; Bibi won't "ever-ever-ever-ever-ever give a fuck").   
The black and white video--which she produced, her stepmother directed, and stars only her real fam and friends----was filmed in Berlin and is meant to look raw and gritty.  In her words to The Fader, "“I didn't want the video to be perfect. I wanted it to look like the truth.” This girl is the truth. Will def keep in her loop... 2016 could be pretty major for her!

15 December 2015

Jules Kim for Refinery29 & Kit and Ace

wearing: Kit And Ace top, Theory skirt, Y-3 sneakers, and Bijules jewelry

My girl Jules shines brightly in this cool Q&A/editorial on refinery29.com. Highlights below!

wearing: Kit and Ace dress and wrap, and Bijules jewelry

On her first pieces ever sold
“I made graffiti nameplates as my entry into the fashion world. I was spinning my Monday weekly at Ludlow Bar (no longer) and an editor came in and died over my street take on the Sex And The City 'Carrie' nameplate. I ran with graffiti heads, so I commissioned them to create handstyles. Then, I’d make necklaces for whomever wanted them. Once the celebs heard of me, it was just a matter of time for Bijules to be born.”
Favorite Bijules pieces to wear and her daily uniform:
“I never stop wearing my 18k gold handlet and stackable diamond rings. They are all representative of over a decade of jewelry style evolution. My wardrobe consists of lots of Phillip Lim, body suits by Alix NYC, and designer vintage.”
wearing: Kit and Ace top, 3.1 Phillip Lim pants, and Bijules jewelry.

On competition and the many Bijules knock-offs floating around:
“My work is seemingly inimitable, but it is copied by many. I must admit, I am thrown off each time I am exposed to Bijules knockoffs and derivative brands and designers. It takes nerve to be inconsiderate! This issue has been a tough pill to swallow as I continue to press on with courageous designs and trend-making concepts. The territory I began in bares no semblance to what it has become now; therefore, success has had to take its time as do all good things we must wait for.”
On creating iconic jewelry pieces like the nail ring and bar ring:
“These are most definitely iconic pieces for the Bijules brand. They were the first. Once I understood how to throw weight in the market, I also launched the Handlet (2010), Knuckle Ring (2008), and Phalange Cocktail Ring (2011). All of these iconic pieces have been playing in the market since their release. To isolate an original idea and encourage a trend also means protecting them. In order to protect them, the pieces themselves are branded as Bijules so the client can appreciate the history and build their own keepsakes.”
On her next moves involving jewelry and fashion
"...Let’s just say that I hope to help consolidate a better understanding between the two industries for the near future. The world of jewelry is severely attached to stagnant traditions in design, business, and manufacturing. Most of the industry is family-owned and maintained. As I have been working in both the jewelry and the fashion industries, I find it natural to want to align the creative process into a quality-made gold product with forward-thinking concepts. In the meantime, watch for an amazing video collaboration to drop soon!”
wearing: Left Kit and Ace top, 3.1 Phillip Lim pants, Dune shoes
Bijules jewelry; Right: Kit and Ace top and pants, and Bijules jewelry