11 May 2016

Fatnotronic & In Flagranti - "Me Diga"

San Paulo duo Fatnotronic & In Flagranti is bringing some serious equatorial hotness in "Me Diga," a song sung fully in Portuguese..but it doesn't matter since there is no language barrier when it comes to music. Brooklyn's always awesome Razor-N-Tape Reserve is the label pushing out this summer heater and it can be found on Fatnotronic's Onde Anda EP which is now available digitally and on 12″.  Let's keep music weird and diverse.

10 May 2016

Isabel Marant's Six Rules of Dressing for Yourself (via Porter Magazine)

*photo by Driu + Tiago for Porter Summer 2016

Inhale some words of wisdom from the always fashionable Isabel Marant whose clothes, in my version of a perfect world,  I would wear every-damn-day of the week. Marant has perfected that cool, laid back and effortless style (also known as Parisian Chic) and her clothes blend seamlessly from day to night, which is why they're a favorite of so many. Isabel Marant gave a "Fashion Masterclass" to readers in the Summer 2016 issue of Porter Magazine. Her small tidbits on how to be fashionably comfortable in who you are is definitely worthy of pulling out the good 'ole notepad and pen because she's seriously giving us some good stuff to remember here. Read it all below. 

Fashion is not important
*photo taken from isabelmarant.com -- Summer 2016
"It's getting dressed in what you love that counts. Everything I make is designed to be sold and worn, not to enhance the mood of the runway. If that is what a designer wants to do, they should go and make costumes for the theater instead."

Never worry about what anyone else thinks

*photo taken from isabelmarant.com -- Summer 2016
"Dressing is about how you feel in what you wear and the story that led you there. It's about instinct, ease and comfort. There is a lot of vulgarity, ego and faked imagery on social media and in the world. Ignore all of it and take your own path."

Don't make people wear things you wouldn't wear yourself
*photo by Driu + Tiago for Porter Summer 2016
"It was one if the first things I learned at the French fashion school, Studi0 Berçot, and I think of it whenever I am designing. I take prêt-à-porter literally, and my aim is always 'What do I want to wear today?' It actually isn't that difficult to make clothes that look good in a picture, but to make clothes that look good in a picture and look good on every woman, that's a different story.  Sure, it is important that clothes look good on the runway but, in reality, we all dress very normally day to day so I have to make pieces that women are dying to wear any time of the day and that slot into their life -- not the other way around."

Don't be dedicated to by old style rules

*photo by Driu + Tiago for Porter Summer 2016

"For evening, I might wear jeans, but I will put on something like a shiny top with a bow, then a man's jacket to dress it down, a nice pair of earrings and a red lipstick. But I still look like me. When I see beautiful girls wearing evening dresses I don't think they look prettier than they do wearing a pair of jeans. You don't need to become someone else. Recently, I went to the opening of the opera season and I was with some of my girlfriends who are actresses and models. They were in those huge haute couture dresses that everyone was stepping on and by the end of the evening most of them were torn, and I had on black trousers and an embroidered top. They said to me, "Oh Isabel, you were so smart, why didn't I dress like you? I thought I had to put on a dress on for the opera.' I think the time of wearing what you are expected to wear has gone. It looked so old-fashioned, none of my friends looked like themselves. Some girls can look like princesses--and that is great if that is what they want--but you put on a perfectly cut tuxedo and you will always look better than the girl looking awkward in the wrong pink dress with the wrong cut, who is wearing it just because she thought that was expected of her."

There is no such thing as the perfect outfit

*photo taken from isabelmarant.com -- Summer 2016
"It is also important to learn what fits you and what suits you, because you can't be someone else--nor should you try to be. There are pieces that work on some people that never do on others. I am often asked "What is the perfect outfit?' and I am against answering that. Show me the person and the occasion and the lifestyle and I will show you the perfect outfit. No one is the same. You have to play with who you are, experiment, and make mistakes and then discover what works for you."

Your style will evolve
*photo taken from isabelmarant.com -- Summer 2016
"Even when you find your 'uniform', your look will change as you do. When I first met my husband Jérôme {Dreyfuss, the accessories designer}, he was still making super couture clothing, while I was totally the contrary and dressed like a tramp. When we were walking together in the street, we looked totally different, and he was always approached by very chic women who were super sexy and a bit bitchy, and I had only the very casual guys and girls from the suburbs speak to me. I used to say, 'You dress the elegant and I dress the tramps!'But now we have melted together a bit, and Jérôme is less perfect and I am more pulled together."

Bomber Du Jour: Alexander Wang's Net Boyfriend Jacket

Fashion has gone bomber crazy--AGAIN. Technically, the style never really left, but as of lately there ain't a brand I can think of who doesn't currently have one available for purchase. I've grazed over many on a daily, but had to stop immediately after laying eyes on Alexander Wang's Net Boyfriend jacket in Army. Looooove it! The bomber (which also comes in black) is part of his 10th-anniversary runway collection and is cut from structured shell with a net overlay and finished with ribbed trims and a (classic) bright orange lining. WANT/NEED IT.  

*model styled in Alexander Wang Bit High Rise Shorts and Balenciaga Ankle Boots

04 May 2016

Alicia Keys - "In Common"

It took me a few hours to brave up and finally hit that Youtube play button, but I'm glad I did. "In Common" is the first Alicia Keys song, in many years, that I actually like--a lot... and after two full listens I even made my way over to the  iTunes store to legally purchase it (rarely happens with mainstream music!) It's got a nice tropical production thanks to Illangelo (the man behind The Weeknds stellar mixtape trilogy who also co-wrote "IN Common") and AK's vocals comes off gentler than usual (her screaming on "Girl On Fire" had me running for the hills) making her melodies more intoxicating. Good vibes all around and now it's just time for Summer to back this track up. 

Some Wednsday Feel Good Music: RY X - "Deliverance" (Fort Romeau Remix)

London producer Fort Romeau created some house loveliness in his new remix of Ry X's "Deliverance" track. The Down Under lead singer from Howling--has always had the yummiest of vocals...but pairing them up with Fort, was a really great look.  

03 May 2016

Tour Life: AlunaGeorge x Emporio Armani (video)

AlunaGeorge's buzz is stronger than ever as the UK duo prepares to drop their highly anticipated second album, I Remember. And of course, the fashion folks are getting in on the hype too with Emporio Armani tapping Aluna Francis and George Reid as their guest performers at the "Emporio Armani Sounds” party held this past Thursday in Madrid. The Italian fashion house caught up with AG before their exclusive performance for a fun short video showcasing some of their Italian tourists adventures and to discuss tour outfits and backstage shenanigans--via Hunger TV

*all photos via wwd.com*

28 April 2016

Three Times The Charm: Naomi Campbell's Vogue Brasil Covers

Queen Naomi still shutting down the game after damn near 30 years in the biz. For the month of May, she scored three different covers for Vogue Brasil. Can't wait to see what's inside! 

27 April 2016

Instagram to Stalk: Gladys Tamez Millinery

As a hat fanatic, I'm always on the 'Gram looking for something new and fresh to rock on top of my little head. And thanks to one of my hat addict friends I follow (shout out to my girl Luisa Fernanda Espinosa!) I was recently hipped to the L.A. based artisanal hat making company of Gladys Tamez Millinery

Finding a "cool looking hat" to stay in trend is an easy thing to do these days, but what's most important when choosing one -- is QUALITY. And that's what Gladys Tamez is all about. Combining couture with ready-to-wear, their handmade hats are picked from some of the finest sources around the world--with their Fall/Winter looks being made of fine rabbit staple and panama straw for their summer looks. And if it's next level luxury you're looking for, then their Bespoke option is available as well.  

Gladys Tamez's Instagram page is always full of haute snaps featuring models, celebs and everyday chicas... check out a few of my faves below. 

Cassie in Gladys Tamez
Lady Gaga in Gladys Tamez

On Repeat: Shit Robot - “Lose Control” feat. Nancy Whang

The hotness is everywhere on this new Shit Robot. Which is what happens when great talent links with other great talent. "Lose Control" features the vocal support of the ever-so-fly Nancy Whang, who sounds incredible against Shit's machine driven production. Deep electronic music at it's finest right here! Mr. Robot's got a new LP dropping on Friday (April 29th) called What Follows. After listening to this, I'll be checking for that--for sure. 

video: Payfone - “Catholic Central” (Side A)

To list a few reason as to why I think Payfone is everything: They're a duo from East London and their name is extra sick; they're signed to a New York label called Golf Channel Records, which is also sick;. there's some mystique behind them--and I'm always into that; and  most importantly, they make some of the most intense and deepest beats ever, therefore doing disco allll the justice.

Payfone's latest and 4th EP, Catholic Central, features an A-side that bangs disgustingly hard. Influenced by a mix of vintage disco and deep house, it co-stars an Argentinian songstress named Pia Gonzalez Antar who brings the sexiness to a boiling point as she recalls the dark details of a past relationship with her former lover. And there's visuals for Side A too. Directed by Chieka Ononye who is 1/2 of Payfone. So really, it's just like win on win with these guys.