28 May 2013

Bijules Website Relaunch featuring Selected Beats by L&P

It's no secret that I adore the Bijules jewelry line and its creator, Jules Kim (merci beaucoup Kelton Prima for putting me on!). Over the past year, I've not only had the extreme pleasure of getting to know Ms. Kim, but I've attended a few of her fabulous events (Séance anyone?), and grown quite the beautiful collection of Bijules pieces. Jules and I have one major thing in common: a serious passion for music and a heavy addiction to coming across hotness via Soundcloud. So naturally, the two of us decided to join forces by linking her brand with my ear for all to see and hear! 
I caught up with Jules last Friday at the top of the Standard Hotel in New York, where she was co-hosting the opening party for her Select Summer Fridays event (co-hosted by Good Peoples) and celebrating the relaunch of her Bijules website --which was musically curated by me. So press play and peep some of the highlights of our convo below!:  
Jules' thoughts on the new website:
Well we are here celebrating the new site; Bijulesnyc.com and I'm super excited about it because it has been over a decade of hard work and I guess now you can really see the results. As it has really stepped the game up. But not only its own brand but for all of the brands and the contemporaries and peers within the fashion, jewelry and art community. So, it's nice. It'll be really cool to see the reactions!  
On why she decided to bring music to her website when most brands no longer do so: 
Music can be distracting for a sale, I think that's the commercial reaction .... but for me, what I do, what I've created with the Bijules brand--is I've made it a 360 degree experience. So it's not just dealing with an ultimate sale or an item that you purchased,  it's about the research and discovery, it's about being involved and being proactive with the things that really fuel your passion. And music for me ... I remember being a kid and being like "ooh I wish I could just have huge speakers in my apartment and turn them turn on before I get home."
On the music she grew up on in Richmond, Virginia: 
My mother raised my twin sister and I to listen to a diverse offering of music. So we started off with a lot of classical music. Which when you're a child, you don't quite understand what it's doing - but as I developed I took a lot from it and applied it to my university career. I actually majored in Flute Performance ... and then I put that one down and started my own thing. So I really started with a lot of classical and contemporary music. Phillip Glass was always on rotation in my household. And now you come into my house and you'll hear a little bit of everything. 
On how her ears went from classical to electronic: 
What I find really fascinating about electronic music is that it has its bass and variations on a theme which is very similar to what classical music is. If Bach writes a senato theres a variation on that theme...so you learn the simple workings of a piece and then their embellishments--sonically speaking. And then when you move into the club it's the same damn thing. Electronic music is the pulse of your body.
On if there is a correlation between music and jewelry? 
Oh for sure. With music it's all around. It's not tangible. It's something we have palpating in our bodies and in our innards. With jewelry I'm the exact opposite. I'm putting things on the surface but its tangible and its hard. It embraces us but not like music actually does. The correlation between the two is taking something that is literally tangible and mixing it with something that isn't in order to make a whole new unique experience!

See much more of the incredible work of Jules Kim at Bijulesnyc.com